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Quickie – “meatsploit”

Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? I’m still coining the word.

Meatsploit (v): Taking advantage of a human’s mental flaws, quirks, lack of knowledge, etc for one’s advantage, legitimate or not. “Dude, I told him to press Alt+f4 for extra money and he did it. The stupid noob got meatsploited!”

The whole point here is to create, via portmanteau, a theoretically less cumbersome way of referring to those incidents when you just… meatsploited them.  Compare it to exploits in general, especially in computer security. If a hacker finds a programming error in Windows and uses it as a backdoor to inject malware, that’s just a plain exploit. If a hacker writes a malware program that lures in listeners with “free rewards”, anyone who gets infected gets meatsploited. Taking advantage of someone’s lack of common knowledge for personal gain might be a meatsploit. It really depends on how the word evolves.
Incidentally, this is not to be confused with the “Metasploit” security program, which can be used to find vulnerabilities in computer software, so that white hat hackers can fix them.

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