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Take your story based shooters and sell them – Quake series

So far I’ve played some of all 5 Quake titles except for the “Enemy Territory” installment. I’ve also played Doom and Doom 2. I guess that makes me an id fanboy under construction.

Currently I am playing Quake II, which is old enough to look antiquated, but not so old that it loses all its retro luster to gameplay mechanics. It’s reasonably fast paced, admittedly not as difficult as its predecessor, and for 1997, may have been revolutionary. It was very popular back in the day, and I barely knew about Id. Then again, I was in kindergarten that year, and if I had a PC, it was shared, and… yeah. Not to mention the game’s multiplayer got obsoleted by Quake III, Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike, and I would take those games any day. Probably the former, since it’s so frantic. If I’d been older during that era of Glide being viable, I would’ve eaten it up. Oh well.

So the first time I actually thought about playing FPSes was very recently, as the laptop I’m running on turned out to be not only equipped with the anemic Intel GMA 4500MHD, but STILL superior to my previous rig (which could run Far Cry, but I didn’t know that). Regardless, I ended up trying Quake Live, thinking “Could this game possibly cost any less?”, or something like that. After about 24 hours of gameplay, I got better at the deathmatch thing, decided I’d try out the previous installments, tried the demo of Quake 4 to see how well it would run on my hardware (Before patching, 800×600 medium lent playable framerates), and so forth. Eventually this lead me to Quake II, which has been entertaining so far. I’m in the Factory unit right now, shooting the enemy Strogg units, running and jumping, all in all doing FPS stuff. Fun stuff, and it makes me wonder why the “arcade” style of FPS games isn’t more popular.

Of course, in 1998, Unreal and Half-Life came and introduced a great degree of storytelling to FPSes, then in 2001 Halo became one of the first popular shooters for consoles (Goldeneye on N64 being firster), and you know what happened in the midst. Since then, lots of war based, heavy-story stuff has come out. Sure, it’s nice, but it seems that a lot of such games prefer the slower, methodical sorts of gameplay to the more frantic sorts. Then again, I really haven’t played any of them, so it’s a wild guess based on the popularity of various games and the fact that Quake veterans complain about the skill cap or hardcoreness of such games being lower than their beloved Quake.

Oh well. Starcraft II’s coming out, my computer should be able to run it, and the mapping system could, theoretically, be put to use with great flexibility. Maybe I should make my own “hardcore” FPS within it.

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