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Quickie: Darkthrone – Transylvanian Hunger

The infamous album, people. The one that’s incredibly low-fi, constant in tempo, minimalistic in riffs. The average listener probably hasn’t heard of it, but oh well.Not to be confused with the actual cover of the album. So I’ve made a lot of references to this album, not to its percieved qualities, but other stuff – being cold in comparison to the disease of “Under a Funeral Moon” and the occultism of “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” , the idea that the average person could be trained to like the aesthetic of this album more easily than its structure… actually, no. I haven’t made a lot of references to this album.

But it’s one of those albums. It’s very simple, but not in a pop sense.  No dull choruses, but less riffs and more focus on ambience and the sound that each riff creates. There are slight changes throughout, that keep it from falling into mere repetition, but this is a very droning album. Admittedly, people seem to underestimate the amount of riffs on this album, but only by two or three. More importantly, people seem to underestimate the melodic tendencies of this album – again, they’re typical “evil” black metal melodies, but that’s still melody.

Incidentally, Varg Vikernes of Burzum wrote lyrics on some of the tracks, which might explain why this album was initially proclaimed “Norsk Arisk Black Metal”. Or it might not. And the album art resembles Mayhem’s “Live in Leipzig” album, which is worth noting.

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