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Quickie – International Day of Slayer

For the one or two of you who reads this blog, meet the aforementioned holiday. Have you guys met before? Yes OR no? Eh, whatever.

With this in mind, I have a request to all who choose to celebrate this holiday – play the album “Hell Awaits”, because it’s a personal favorite. I like my Slayer songs convoluted and dark more than the extreme violence of “Reign in Blood”. Not to mention, Tom Araya’s signature screams show up to great degree here – one on Crypts of Eternity, one on Kill Again (appears in approximately the same form at the beginning of “Angel of Death”)…
Besides, most of the people will probably be blasting “Reign in Blood”, so why not balance it out with their other work? You should probably stay away from “Diabolus in Musica” and “God Hates Us All”, though..

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