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Trey Songz to Decency: “Let’s fuck, I get to be on top”

So while this guy’s music probably wouldn’t offend me or most people morally, albeit possibly musically if he does weird, Ke$haesque vocal drunken stumbling, or “acrobatics”, his persona’s a bit over the top (He doesn’t write his own songs, instead various weirdos with odd pseudonyms do the work). I mean, when half your song’s a request for oral, you’re not exactly bubblegum pop, are you?

Well, if you ask me, bubblegum pop and NSFW content are converging, which isn’t a good sign if you’re a fundie, and most people probably don’t care about. Then again, I see bubblegum pop as more general than most people, apparently. If it’s fed to the masses and ignored all the way to #1, while being made solely for commerical gain, most likely by a team of songwriters as opposed to the face on the singles and album, it’s bubblegum pop. So if 2 Live Crew and Dark Funeral decided to sell a song about Satan seducing and raping a faucet for pleasure, then hired half the Southern rap and Norwegian black metal scenes to write everything, ended up producing minimalistic electropop, then got Warner Media Group to convince the media it was the next big thing, AND masses of people bought it, sang along to it for a few weeks, then promptly forgot about it, then I would call it bubblegum pop. That’s an extremely large simile-example. But take into mind, song structure alone does not the bubblegum chew. Take into mind that some bands like Killswitch Engage and In Flames have torn up the Billboard with music, regardless of having some allusions to popular accessible forms of music, simply aren’t bubblegum pop. But someone like Lady Gaga clearly is, because the average person won’t say, “Eew, it’s all heavy and scary!”.

What’s this have to do with this popular Trey Songz feller? I’m guessing he’s an inoffensive character who just HAPPENS to be all about having sex and incorporates it into his otherwise squeaky clean music. Nothing wrong with that, right? Not suprisingly, I’m going to say no, because while we do live in a society almost absurdly obsessed with sex, I’m not the type of person who is going to take one random idol and place him as a scapegoat. But obviously, I’m the type to take random people and use them as debate points. See what I just did?

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