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Computing – iPad kills the cheese sandwich

So I probably talk a lot about obsolesence, or I plan to. At least I do with everyone’s favorite people, the RIAA, and then I go off onto tangents about zombies and pod people and mammon out of a combination of rage and attempted humor. On the other hand, I seem to fail to mention that some of the “obsolescent” technology still has some uses. And then, I see all these “zomgzors da ipads gunna kil adobie flas” garbled nonsense, which may have a grain of truth to it, depending on how similar the features are.

NOTE: I’d have an iPad if it could multitask. There are some attempts at this, but basically it seems to occupy an uncomfortable niche in the market – it’s a Tablet PC, but it’s smaller, weaker, and it can’t multitask. On the other hand, it should make the form factor popular, as well as possibly driving a certain group to actual PCs that can run tablet-optimized Linuxes and Windows and maybe Mac OS Xes too. And it’s probably cheaper, too (But not by much, because this still IS Apple we’re talking about). But it can’t run Crysis (A weaker processor AND an ARM non x86 architecture!), while the real PCs stand at least a feeble chance of doing so.

So anyways, a few products probably aren’t going to last long, like the Amazon Kindle – which is similar, but no color, only books, and possibly a longer battery life. Proof? Amazon’s got a Kindle app for the iPhone, and probably will for the iPad, too.  Paper, too, although there’s been tablet PCs for that for ages, and apparently people like paper so much that it’s having a hard time going away. But is the Ipad going to kill stuff like dedicated handheld gaming, netbooks, APIs that run on things that Apple doesn’t make (What’s this Microsoft Windows thing that the average person uses, hates, wants to get away from, but thinks they must have?) like Flash, Silverlight, Java, etc… Remember when Apple used to NOT be the only option town? That was only all the time, my god!

But, on the other hand, there’s one casualty that the iPad has reaped, and that the rest of the community hasn’t picked up on…

We shall soon realize that the humble cheese sandwich, which consoled us with its bread compressed to be flat and crispy, and melted processed cheesy comfort food goodness, has not survived the iPad purge. When was the last time you had a nice grilled cheese? Savor it if you still can, and then hold a funeral rite. You might still see cheese IN a sandwich; You’ll have to adopt to it, of course.

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