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Pod People

You know, things would be a lot easier if we lived in an Invasion of the Body Snatchers style setting where people got replaced with soulless versions of themselves – find the pod, destroy it, etc.  But I disgress – we don’t need pods to cause extremely strange behavior in people – a check does the same and is much easier to make.

It inflames peoples’ greed. Case in point?

The RIAA wants that the government will follow through with some interesting policies, and the sad thing is that there are people in the government who actually think listening to them is a good idea. I’d assume that they’re getting some cash out of the process, but they seem rather shortsighted – these things shit on the constitution, especially a person’s right to privacy, woo.

More importantly, the way I see it, the organizations that are trying for these VERY surreal ideas are dead already, killed by their love of money, and I forecast that they won’t make it through the next decade. But greed still persists and is especially dangerous in capitalist societies like ours, even more so when combined with the shortsightedness of the people trying to grab money. Personal gain, even at personal expense, no?

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