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Youtube follies

So it might be an April Fools joke, or they might be serious, but the recommendations that Youtube has been giving me are just… well…


More specifically, they’re weird.

Take, for instance, these:

Does my stuff ever sound like… the new stuff by In Flames?

Sepultura’s groovy hardcore is like some wrestler living a relatively normal life to American Head Charge’s groovy hardcore?

Admittedly, if it’s a step down, at least it’s not a complete nosedive compared to the old one… or is it?

Apparently sneezing baby pandas are brutal, but melodic, like Amon Amarth.

Actually, now that I think of it, most of these results aren’t so insane as to be mind-boggling, although apparently some “Japanese Cat” was grounds that I should listen to Miley Cyrus’s latest hit-like excrement paste, “Party in the USA”.

HINDSIGHT: The reason this wasn’t about “TextP” is that TextP was universally awesome, while this was just confounding, if somewhat amusing.

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