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Please patch Firefox to allow browsing without internet via paranormal methods

So anyways, I was thinking about filing this as a bug report, but there’s a perfectly logical explanation for this, as far as I’m concerned. I’ll mention it later, so don’t scroll down if you want to enjoy the story.

One day, I was merrily browsing the internet in Firefox, with a couple windows open to further seperate my tasks. Normal browsing of the wiki-walking sort in one window, Pandora in a second window, and a small forum in the third window. For some reason, the first and second windows were exhibiting increasingly flakey, sluggish behavior. The third one chugged along perfectly fine. Eventually, the first two ground to a halt, and I was unable to navigate to new pages in them. But in the third one, the forum-perusing went quite nicely for a bit. Still, I was annoyed, and checked on the status of the network.

I was unconnected.

So my mouse was hovering there, a little wireless icon crossed out, and the forum manages to reload my latest post. It gets better – I have a new private message from some shmuck. Wondering what this all means, I click on the message. Firefox, being the earthly, no-nonsense browser it is, burst into flames and died. I couldn’t get back without restarting my router. A typical experience rendered transcendental, perhaps?

Now, it didn't really happen like that - my theory is that extremely heavy traffic bogged down the router a lot, and then it'd needed a restart, which reasonably explains the partial service followed by the other. Firefox, while relatively stable, CAN crash. Maybe something in the page's code had triggered some rare bug. Oh well.

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