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Quickie – OOMPH!

So apparently this band wasn’t “mainstream” until the 2000s and so.  Wonder why?

I think it might have at least something to do with Unrein (1998). It’s not the most brilliant album I’ve listened to, but it is a good heavy metal-styled electronic dance music album with a bit of variety in the songwriting (although the choruses probably get repeated WAY TOO MUCH). Admittedly, this is the limit of my experience with the band (outside Sperm, which is supposedly the first “Neue Deustche Harte” album. It’s unpolished and kinda depraved sounding, but in a bland way that doesn’t really please or interest) , so I don’t really know how this all compares to their other albums. But this one is definitely worth your time if you’re into dance music/heavy metal fusions.

A note about Neue Deutsche Harte – this is the genre that Rammstein plays, ever since their 1996 debut Herzblut.  It’s basically heavy pop metal mixed with “industrial” dance music. Somewhat narrow, but there’s room for subgenres – Corvus Corax spinoff Tanzwut adds bagpipes and some degree of medieval themes and compositions to their music, amongst other things.

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