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And now for something superficially different!

I enjoyed the SNES game “Actraiser” very much.  For those of you not in the know:

Details on everyone’s favorite Wiki: The large one

But with this in mind, action gaming and simulations don’t get merged very much. This game pulled it off very well, but I don’t know any other games that really attempted it (Unless you count some of the more tenuous links, like the driving mode in Sim City 4), unless you count some of Quintet’s later works, most likely Soul Blazer. Unfortunately, the sequel removed the simulation aspects of the game, and while the platforming action is apparently quite good, the game is generally seen as inferior. And then the series died.

Now the Wiiware installation of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles seems interesting. If Square expanded it into a full title, then allowed multiplayer by actually having the heroes controlled by players, to go out and play action-RPG style, it’d be a great, genre-mixing game, admittedly one that might be ripping off Microsoft Allegiance a bit…

Unfortunately, I doubt they’ll do that. But it’d be great, and maybe someone else should make said game.

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