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Quickie – 2010 Earthquakes (Chile+Haiti)

I heard about the Chile earthquake today. Terrible tragedy, but probably less damaging to the country than the 1960 earthquake (which had a magnitude of 9.5, compared to this one’s of 8.8), or the earthquake that Haiti recently suffered (which, while weaker, hit a much poorer country). Still, on an absolute scale, it must be pretty devestating.

Now, I doubt that this will produce another pop song like the remake of We Are The World, but if it does…




There’s an extremely high chance, knowing the mainstream music industry, that it will be absolutely terrible,  just like the remake of “We Are The World” was. Instead, donate the money that you would spend on such a song directly to the agencies involved in relief, and if you still want music, here’s 5 random albums of far higher quality that you can get for below $10 bucks (sometimes used, sometimes new):

Kid A (2000) – Radiohead

Stained Class (1978) – Judas Priest

This Is It (2009) – Michael Jackson

Don’t Break The Oath (1984) – Mercyful Fate

We Ate The Machine (2008) – Polysics

So there’s tons of other options, but each of these five albums are worth the money you’d spend over whatever the latest disposable pop hit is. Another idea would be to convince Amazon (these are all links from there) to donate a portion of its proceeds to the relief efforts, and ensure that your better-spent money would help a good cause, as well as your ears.

NOTE: I almost forgot – Tom Araya of Slayer is of Chilean origin. Add to this list various Slayer albums (I suggest Hell Awaits, personally) and hope that the band does some benefits.

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