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Quickie – Ulver – Blood Inside

Listening to it right now. Interesting stuff, but you’ll have to wait for finality in analysis.It’s not one of their metal albums, which isn’t really difficult to notice.

This is much different from, amongst other things, Perdition City. While that album focused on somewhat minimal, droning, trip-hop, with some experimentation with sound (Dead City Centres, amongst other things), Blood Inside throws in as many layers as possible. There’s sound, then there’s more sound, then there’s apparent sound created from the interactions between sounds. It’s like being in a fog with weight. Are you strong enough to push it away?

Before you answer that question, take into mind that you, in fact, are not me, and should approach my question with this in mind.

“It Is Not Sound”, by the way, quotes a J.S. Bach toccata near the end. Interesting. What would Bach think of it?

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