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Quickie – Exodus – Bonded by Blood

Still haven’t written a non-music related article. Whatever.

Crowdshot, or siamese schizophrenic baby? Don't judge by covers.

Anyways, this is supposed to be one of the key releases of thrash metal – sounds good to me. This one was supposed to be released in 1984, but got delayed. Since 1984 was still quite early for the scene, we hear lots of New Wave of British Heavy Metal influence (especially Motorhead), mainly in the riffing and also some of the drumming.

Did I mention the riffing is, even on first impression, awesome? This is very well executed stuff – the musicians play their instruments, Paul Baloff scorns regular singing to sound like a more insane Tom Araya, the pace is driving even though it’s not the most breakneck one possible. Let’s just leave it at this being an openly great thrash album that would impress me even if I had absolutely no idea what style was being played.

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