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Quickie: Monstrosity – Millennium

A “quickie” will refer to relatively short posts.  At least for now; I might change the name.

CGI was all the rage in 1996, you know.

Monstrosity doesn’t seem to be very well known. I mean, they are a death metal band, but George Fisher was in it prior to joining Cannibal Corpse. A shame, really. While I haven’t listened to much of their albums, I have listened to the aforementioned album “Millennium”. Good stuff, very archetypal of the genre – fast, heavy, aggressive, great musicianship. It’s either too bad that George Fischer left this for Cannibal Corpse, or good, depending on how much you like the later works of CC. I disgress.

I’m still in the process of absorbing this album, but my current favorite tracks include “Devious Instinct”, “Manic”, and “Fragments of Resolution”, which is intentionally slow and doomy in contrast to the rest of the album.

More will follow in the future. Perhaps.

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